About us

The inspiration for DietaryCard came to me in a lovely restaurant in Barcelona where I was dining with my best friend who is coeliac and has to eat strictly gluten-free.  The Catalan  waiter tried his best to understand our English/Spanglish request for a gluten-free meal but we realised Nan’s needs were lost in translation  when a wheatflour roll appeared alongside her soup, making us doubt the ingredients in the escudella too.   I immediately thought that carrying a card that explains her dietary needs in the local language and asks for help with the menu  would dispense with this fuss and ambiguity. 

I started the DietaryCard service in the days of dial-up in 1999 and I’ve been helping coeliacs and diners with other food allergies and special diets to enjoy travelling and eating out with family and friends in the UK and abroad for 17 years.   Our cards have been translated into 17 languages and we offer a variety of phrasings and formats to cater for most food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities.  And I’ve been on at least another 17 holidays with Nan and her wallet of Dietary Alert Cards since then including Amsterdam, Berlin, Bologna, Brussels, Bruges, Budapest, Cologne, Krakow, London, Lucca, Milan, Nice, Sienna, Sorrento...